Gen Z And Entanglement


Why do GenZ  love the concept of an entanglement so much?

Most importantly, who are they?

Technically GenZ  are a group of people born within 1997 and 2012. This means that the oldest GenZ should be about 25 years old while the youngest should be about 10 years old. This is the technical definition of course.


Bringing it home and ripping it of all formalities, GenZ can be said to be nonconformists who wear their hair blue or purple or bald and walk well-dressed or completely naked, stripping themselves (their bodies and minds) of all labels. They are the “woke” generation.

We all can agree that Genz have the most diverse and open minds in terms of making decisions and living life in general. They are most likely to jump off a moving train, drive off to a secluded island or just take a completely jarring action.

They are the “I wore my boobs out today because I can” generation.

Genz are skilled at belting out different anthems, each looking a little different each day.


We can add entanglement to their growing list of anthems. 

An Entanglement is a relationship that is undefined and includes a lot of intricacies and complications. It is not a real relationship and at the same time it is (not not) a relationship. As was stated earlier an entanglement is pretty much undefined. 

Does this sound like a concept GenZ would happily indulge themselves in? You bet!

It is a concept that speaks a language that they understand. A language of free will. A language of no responsibility. A language of temporality.

Are you still wondering why GenZ are great at “doing” entanglement so well?

This is why;


-No Labels

Entanglement is basically a relationship without a label. If there is something a Genz hates more than classic old bosses, it is labels.

There is a heavy movement to move outside a box. They want to live in a world that does not have any form of restrictions. This is why Entanglement is something they excel pretty well in.

Heck! Half of GenZ are in entanglement situations. It is a comfortable space they have created for themselves.

Enioluwa, an Instagram personality  recently during an interview revealed how much he hated the word ‘boyfriend’. In his words

‘I know you’re dating me, you know I’m dating you, why do you feel the need to call me your boyfriend, especially in public?’

Believe it or not, this is a universal truth for a lot of these “Woke Generations’ also known as Generation Z.


Rationale mind

You can deny Gen z a lot of things but you cannot deny their highly fertile minds. These fertile minds springs out of deep inquisitiveness for life.

To Genz, an entanglement isn’t a straight cut road. It can mean diverse things to different people. They tailor it to suit their narratives. They weigh all the different aspects of an entanglement relationship; identify the benefits they could get from it then dive into it.

They always approach every situation or concept with a mind ready to deconstruct until they find a piece that fits into their life.



An entanglement offers independence and it is this independence that GenZ strives for. They do not like to be tied down to something or someone and appreciate the freedom of aloneness. We see GenZ wanting to be in a relationship but still needing their space and time to be alone. This is when entanglement becomes a great option for them. With entanglement, you get the best of both worlds. A “relationship” and your “independence”.

Fragility of life

“Life is short”. another famous anthem that GenZ loves to scream at the top of their lungs. This is a vehicle that carries all their questionable choices.

“Life is short” is just another reason for them to close their eyes and dive knee-deep into an entanglement. They make choices and decisions sometimes good, sometimes bad all with the mindset that life is fleeting.



I don’t know a Genz that isn’t selfish. And an entanglement almost always features at least 1 selfish partner. I know humans are inherently selfish, you can’t outrun it but Genz particularly capture and take the essence of self a little too seriously.

It’s all about them. Frankly it is their world, and every other person is just a visitor. They’re always taking time apart to think of new ways to make life better for themselves. ‘A soft life’ is what they call it now.

However, if your soft life is invariably making someone’s life harder, then that becomes selfishness. Gen Zs wear selfishness well, which is why entanglements are done well.


Quick comebacks. Sharp retorts. Long detailed arguments.

All of these are major features of an average GenZ.

This is why they’re quick to express their feelings in a relationship or entanglement. They’re not scared to say what they want and how they want it. They’re extremely daring in their thoughts. This mirrors entanglement which is an extremely daring and expressive form of human relationships.



Gen Z

Gen Z has a free mind and thought process.

Tell them the devil is evil they will give you a thousand reasons why he’s not.

Tell them the sky is blue, and you will have a 10-page essay the next morning that will seek to show you how the sky is sometimes ‘maybe indigo’ ‘or red’.

Their open-mindedness and ability to see things from a thousand perspectives is both a good and a bad thing. But it is also one of the reasons why they are very accepting of entanglements. 

Conclusively, Entanglements and Gen Zs work well together because they are both daring, non-restrictive and a tad-bit selfish.

There’s no denying that entanglements just like Gen Zs are here to stay for a long while.


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