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Five Things Your Woman Needs For a Happy Sex Life



happy sex life

Is it hard for you to get your woman in the mood or to give her an orgasm? To give her a happy sex life, it could be as simple as getting to know what she likes in the bedroom. We’ve prepared 5 tips that can help you show your lady ‘a good time’ sexually.

When you have good sex, the rewards you enjoy go beyond the bedroom. Research has shown that sex can improve heart health and also boost immunity. An added benefit is regular intercourse with your partner develops an intimacy that is essential for a healthy relationship.

Now, I’m sure you want to know how you can break any barriers in your way and get more steamy moments with your woman. Stay with me to find out what women need to enjoy sexual intimacy.

  1. For you to know what she likes or dislikes in the bedroom

This might be an uncomfortable conversation to have but it must be had. The first thing you need to help your woman enjoy her time in bed with you is to know what she likes. Knowing what feels good, what turns her on, what turns her off, the stimulation she needs to move through the process of arousal, the positions she likes, and you need to be a partner who can dance the dances she wants in the way she wants.

If she’s not fully comfortable sharing, you can tell her some of your likes in a fantasy form so she can communicate her desires too. You may tell your partner, for example, that you were daydreaming about how the two of you used to make out when you were younger. Make an effort to employ enticing, engaging words. This will assist you in achieving the type of sex you desire.

  1. Help her focus on the moment

The lifestyle of the average woman is often very stressful. It’s normal for her to get distracted, even when she would prefer to focus on the romance. It is extremely important for you to help her stay in the moment so she can be in a relaxed place where her brain can deactivate which can help her experience full arousal and orgasm.

Fantasizing may help most women focus. Fantasy is a really powerful way of shutting down your brain. Many women have revealed that they fantasize during sex consciously or unconsciously to get into a deeper state of arousal.

  1. Positive self-image and sexual confidence

If you’re with a woman who doesn’t feel good about her body, it may be more difficult for her to enjoy sex. How we feel about our body weight, physiсаl condition, sexual аttrасtiveness, and thoughts аbоut the body during sexual activity, credit sexual sаtisfасtiоn in women.

You can help your woman by letting her know constantly that you love her as she is. Let her realize that you’re not focusing on her extra pounds or stretch mark. Let her know she is perfect for you just the way she is.

  1. Trust and emotional security.

It’s hard to enjoy sex if the woman feels emotionally disconnected from you or is worried about infidelity. You have to address any fears she may be having so she can fully relax emotionally and enjoy sex with you.

A woman needs to feel safe in the relationship and emotionally connected to you in order to have a healthy sex life.

  1. Your sexual health status.

It’s a difficult question for her to ask so she may not ask and it is also difficult for you to answer the question but you’ll need to reassure her fears by discussing your sexual history and getting tested for STDs. If this isn’t what is bothering her and is actually against the discussion, it is possible she isn’t the right person for you.


Don’t rush her if you find out she is aroused physically, she might not be mentally ready yet so make sure you try and give her enough time to warm up. With these tips, happy sex life isn’t far.

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