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Dua Lipa And Callum Turner Are Dating!



Dua Lipa and British actor Callum Turner have become the talk of the town with their burgeoning romance.

Their relationship first grabbed public attention in early 2024, and since then, they have been spotted together on multiple occasions, making headlines and delighting fans with their visible chemistry and affection for each other.

Early Rumors and Public Confirmation

The relationship between Dua Lipa and Callum Turner began to gain public traction in January 2024. This was when Dua was seen supporting Callum at the afterparty for the premiere of his mini-series “Masters of the Air.”


This event marked one of the first instances where the couple appeared together in a somewhat official capacity, sparking rumors and speculation about the nature of their relationship .

Their relationship was publicly confirmed in a more affectionate manner during the Glastonbury Festival.

Dua posted a photo on Instagram showing the couple enjoying the festival, highlighting their strong connection and happiness.

This Instagram post served as a significant announcement to the world, confirming their relationship and providing fans a glimpse into their blossoming romance .

About Callum Turner


Callum Turner, aged 34, is a prominent British actor with an impressive career in film and television. Born and raised in London, Turner has been a familiar face in several well-known productions.

He gained significant recognition for his roles in the “Fantastic Beasts” series and the 2020 film “Emma,” where he starred alongside Emma Mackey. Additionally, he has appeared in the TV mini-series “War & Peace.”

Before his acting career took off, Turner worked as a model, a background that has contributed to his striking presence on screen .

Relationship Dynamics and Public Appearances

Since their relationship became public, Dua Lipa and Callum Turner have made several appearances together, each time showcasing their deep affection and bond.


They were seen holding hands and displaying affection at the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. Fashion and Film Party in February.

Their public appearances have been marked by warmth and intimacy, with the couple often seen laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Support and Speculations

Both Dua Lipa and Callum Turner have been vocal about their admiration for each other. Friends and family have also shown support for the couple, noting the positive influence they have on one another.

This supportive environment has been crucial as they navigate their high-profile relationship under the scrutiny of the public eye.


Dua Lipa, known for her chart-topping hits and impactful presence in the music industry, has often kept her personal life private.

Her relationship with Callum Turner marks a new chapter where she appears more comfortable sharing her happiness with the world.

Turner, on the other hand, has expressed his appreciation for Dua’s support in his career and personal endeavors, indicating a mutual respect and admiration that forms the foundation of their relationship .

Future Prospects

While the couple has not disclosed detailed plans about their future, their relationship appears to be serious and committed. Fans and media alike are eager to see how this romance evolves.


Both Dua and Callum seem to be focusing on their careers while simultaneously nurturing their relationship, striking a balance that allows them to grow individually and together.

Dua Lipa and Callum Turner’s relationship is a beautiful blend of mutual respect, admiration, and affection.

As they continue to make public appearances and share moments from their lives, fans are treated to glimpses of their genuine connection.

This relationship not only highlights their compatibility but also shows how two successful individuals can support and uplift each other in their respective careers and personal lives.

Their journey together is a testament to the power of love and companionship, reminding us that even in the busy world of fame and entertainment, finding a genuine connection is always possible.


As they move forward, fans worldwide look forward to witnessing more of their beautiful moments and the growth of their relationship .

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