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Does Physical Attraction Matter In A Relationship?



Finding a person physically attractive is a complicated matter.

Attraction on its own does not equal beauty. Someone can be beautiful or really handsome and you still wouldn’t find them attractive.

However, in a relationship, just how important in a person’s looks?

Well…it is definitely important. But, not as important as we might like to believe.


Being attracted to someone isn’t something that is just based on looks. The looks might attract you to a potential partner, but what keeps you are other components like their brains, sense of humor and other random personality traits.

All these qualities put together is what creates the personal attraction experience for you.

This is why some people end up finding another person really attractive after spending time with them, whine others lose their attraction after spending time with their interest.

The most important thing to note is that whatever choice of partner you decide to make, you have to be physically attracted to them and hopefully physically attractive to them too.

A lot of times people talk about “what’s on the inside” if you are not attracted to your partner, it will be hard to build intimacy in the relationship.


Studies have shown that while people might put physical attractiveness on the first scale, it is still an important  factor and a “gate opener” to starting a relationship with someone.

This is why Physical Attraction Is Important

Physical attraction

Physical attraction can help with a healthy sex life. If you do not find your partner attractive, it will be really hard for you to want to have sex with them and enjoy it.

When you turn down sex from your partner because you don’t find them attractive, it can take a huge toll on their mental and emotional well being. They might even believe that you do not love them anymore.

This might also lead to cheating in the relationship.

Is a Relationship Doomed Without Physical Attraction?

Every couple has what works for them, so, this is a subjective question and it would require a subjective answer.


However, couples who are not physically attracted to each other might struggle with displaying affection. All these displays of affections are some of the things that can spice  up a relationship and keep it going. When it ceases to exist, it can take a toll on the relationship.

We have a harder time showing affection to people we’re not attracted to. When couples aren’t attracted to each other, they aren’t as affectionate with each other. Cuddling, handholding, hugging and kissing, are all needed for healthy physical relationships between a couple.

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