DJ Cuppy Dated These People – Or Maybe She Didn’t

Florence Otedola whose stage name is DJ Cuppy has stated over and over again for the last two year just  how single she is. The most recent one being a post made in her instagram s Tory after Mr eazi and Temi Otedola got engaged.

DJ Cuppy

Judging from her posts and interviews, DJ Cuppy is defintely single and also seems to be searching.

Who is DJ Cuppy?

DJ Cuppy’s real name is Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola and she is a the daughter of popular Nigerian Businessman Femi Otedola. She was born in 1992 and she is the second child of 4 children.

While she has dabbled in Nigerian music she is most notable for DJing skills. She is established herself as one of the best Female  DJs in Africa.

Cuppy’s most famous relationship till date  is her relationship Davido’s managerAsa. However she has been linked to some others.

DJ Cuppy has expressed on countless occasions how frustrating it has been on her being single. Although there are all said humorously, we are certain there is some truth to it.

She has also hinted on her relationship with Asa ending badly because of her. During a Twitter Question and Answer session she had back in 2020, she revealed that she had made major mistakes while dating Asa and that if she could go back to redo those mistakes, she would. However, she said she is learnt from those mistakes and she believes them they molded her into a much better person.

So far, these are the men DJ Cuppy has been linked to.

DJ Cuppy And Asa Asika

DJ Cuppy

It is not secret that DJ Cuppy was in a relationship with Asa Asika. They both reportedly started  dating back in 2011 and this was confirmed through a comment Cuppy left on his instagram post.

When he shared a throwback picture of himself rocking a particular hairstyle, Cuppy had commented with the caption

“Wait, how did I allow you have this hair as your babe in 2011.”

Prior to her comment, they had been very private about their relationship, completely keeping it off public eye.

When asked about their relationship previously, Cuppy would just chalk it up to them being friends. She said she was lucky to have him in her life and to be amongst so many great people that inspire and motivate her. She also said they got closer during the “Cuppy takes Africa” tour. He was her manager and so naturally they had to develop a friendship.

Asa also been vocal about his relationship with Cuppy. During a Q and A session with his fans, a fan asked him how he met his girlfriend. And he responded “My best friend linked us up for something else years ago”.

The only woman he could be referring would be Cuppy and so this cemented the speculations that they were indeed in a relationship.

DJ Cuppy And Victor Anichebe

DJ Cuppy

They pair dated for a short while but broke up due to their hectic schedules. They barely had time for each other. She opened up to talk about  the reasons for their break up during an interview with BeatFM.

She told them that even though they were broken up, they were still friends with each other.

In her own words

“I literally do not have a boo. I and Victor are not together anymore. The picture I put up recently was a picture of us when we were together. We are still friends. People find it so weird.”

Anyone that knows footballers know that their schedules are crazy and my schedule is also crazy. So it was just difficult but he is such a great guy”.

So, yeah, that relationship ended almost as soon as it began.

DJ Cuppy And Sean Tizzle

Cuppy hs not made any remark concerning this relationship speculation but Sean Tizzle on the other hand has fueled relationship rumors only to come out to debunk them.

He shared a picture of Cuppy on his instagram page with the caption

“God bless my Cupcake Ifeoluwa aka Cuppy. Like Jay Z and Beyonce, it’s just me and my future Abiamo. #Kisses.”

This of course sent Nigerians into believing that they were in a relationship. Cuppy had reportedly not liked the media speculations and according to Sean it had tilted the balance of their friendship.

In an interview with the Nation Newspaper, Sean revealed that what he had for Cuppy was just a simple crush and that they were not in an actual relationship despite the media publicationsz

“No, we were not dating. She’s just my friend and we are cool like that. People just took it wrong, although I like her for so many things.”

He said the media might have played a vital role in ruining something that could have been.

DJ Cuppy And Anthony Joshua

It is no surprise that Anthony Joshua some years back sent a lot of Nigerian girls into an emergency ICU. There was a heavy crush nationswide crush aimed at the handsome heavyweight champion boxer.

It seemed Cuppy had not been left out of since she made various Twitter and social media post about him.

When they hung out together, people started to speculate that they were dating.

However, she came out to clear the air that the only relationship she has with him is pure friendship, adding that he would make a Great husband one day.

Anthony also recently paid her a visit in Oxford University where she is currently studying.  This was back in  May of 2022.

They seem to have a normal mutual friendship and nothing more.

DJ Cuppy And Kiddwaya

While in the house, Kiddwaya sparked relationship rumors with DJ Cuppy when he sent her some wishes during his diary session.

Photos of the both of them together soon came out which proved that they were actually friends before he went to Big brother’s house.

However during a British show documentary show known as Highlife, Cuppy revealed that things had changed between her and Kidd since leaving big brother. She said he used to be a lot nicer and warmer and that the fame might have gone a little to his head.

They also fell out during the show with Cuppy pouring a glass of water on his face.

This was because he stated that her billionaire lifestyle was the major reason she was single.

In the show she said, “What would you do when a guy says, ‘I can see this is why you’re single?’ What do you do? And also, why is being single being used He is single himself which is quite interesting. A guy being single in Nigeria is like ‘ohhh, you’re the man.’ I’m so sick of this patriarchy. It’s very difficult but what I would say is that I’m glad we made up.“

We are glad that they have both made up and at least still remain friends.

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