Dating As A Plus Size Man – Anthony

Anthony feels his size has had a bad effect on his dating life. To him, no woman loves him for him but his money. He’s going to tell us about the journey of Dating as a plus size man.

Hi Anthony. How Has Dating Felt Like?

Well, it’s just, I don’t know, there. It doesn’t feel so good like the way people talked about it. It’s just money spending, heartbreaks and lies. Just a lil bit of fun and I won’t say I’ve had fun with some of my exes. Just a few. Some were a total nightmare. Extremely mean.

You say few, you say some. How many relationships have you been in?

A lot. I have been in a lot. One of the reasons why I feel like they just like me for my money is because any little test I set, they fail it. They just want money. I don’t know, I just feel my looks played a role in this. Like I hear girls call me fat and all, they feel it doesn’t hurt because I’m a man but guess what, men have feelings too and it sucks to do us like that. Like I mean, you are the first person I’m hearing the word plus size men from. Like I had to look it up on Google to be sure it’s a thing because I only hear plus-size women and fat men. If you call a lady fat, you’ll be dragged for life. They bring up terms like thick, plum, plus size and all that but it’s ok to call a guy fat? So wrong.

Do you know why men do not complain? It’s because they are not afraid of hearing the truth. They are not afraid doesn’t mean they are not hurt so it’s still wrong to do that.

I’ve dated about 15 women in my whole life and I’m not even up to 30 yet.


Yea. I have. It might be more than that or less cause I said ‘about’. They left after a while and I had this thing where I never wanted to be lonely and sad so I found comfort in relationships. I’m someone who believes so much in love. I want to feel love the way I give love. I know I am an amazing person but all the girls I’ve been attracting don’t even like me. There was this one whom I thought was different but ehrm, I saw really nasty stuff on her WhatsApp chat and I was so disappointed. Trust me it wasn’t nude or a chat with another boy. How I wish it was because it was much more painful.

Her name is Miya.

Anthony and Miya

So we started dating back in 2018. I met her in church and I just felt like because I met her in the church she was going to be cool and all. She was at first. Like she was really cool. She passed all the stuff I usually do and I just felt like I found a wife. Then I saw a chat on her phone one day while she was bathing. A message from her girl group chat popped up so I just decided to read it. I was wrong but you won’t believe what I saw. They were talking about me. Like it was so bad, they called me all sorts of names including an old hippopotamus. It was so bad. Miya had some unaware pictures of me including the ones where I was shirtless and they called me an Amoeba. Like I almost cried, the comments were so vile and I was filled with so much anger. Immediately she got out, I asked her to leave my house, she begged and said it was just a misunderstanding but the only misunderstanding was me thinking she was different. I had so many hopes for her but oh well, humans will always disappoint.

Sorry about that. I feel so bad. You guys’ names are giving me American vibes.

We are both from Delta state. I’m better now. I’m ok. I know there’s still someone out there who will love me for me. I’m not going to break down and say I don’t believe in love anymore. I do. I hope to get married someday and have my kids. It’s the most beautiful thing.

Thank you, Anthony, you’ve got a beautiful heart.





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