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9 Dark Facts About Beyonce And Jay Z That Will Surprise You



As one of the most famous power couples in the entertainment industry, Jay Z and Beyoncé have gained a massive following over the years. Beneath the glamorous facade of their public image, there are 9 dark facts about beyonce and Jay z that has emerged over the years.

Here are 9 dark facts about Jay Z and Beyoncé:

Jay Z’s Drug Dealing Past:

Before becoming a successful musician, Jay Z was involved in drug dealing in his youth. He has admitted, to selling crack cocaine in Brooklyn during the 1980s.

Beyoncé’s Father’s Infidelity:

Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, had an affair with a woman named TaQoya Branscomb while still married to Beyoncé’s mother. Branscomb gave birth to a child that was later proven to be Knowles’through a DNA test.


9 Dark Facts About Beyonce And Jay Z

Beyoncé’s Alleged Illuminati Ties:

This is one of the 9 dark facts about Beyonce and Jay Z that has only gained more momentum as the years progress. Theories have swirled for years that Beyoncé is part of the Illuminati secret society. While there is no concrete evidence to support this claim, many fans believe that her use of occult symbolism in her music and videos is a sign of her allegiance to the group.

Jay Z’s Connection to the Murder of Biggie Smalls:

There have long been rumors that Jay Z was involved in the murder of fellow rapper Biggie Smalls in 1997. While there is no evidence to support this claim, some fans believe that Jay Z had a motive for the killing due to his rivalry with Biggie.

Beyoncé’s Lip Sync Controversy:

In 2013, Beyoncé came under fire for lip syncing the national anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration. While she later admitted to using a pre-recorded track due to the cold weather, many fans were disappointed that she did not perform live.

Jay Z’s Alleged Ties to the Occult:

Like his wife, Jay Z has also been accused of having ties to the occult. Many fans believe that his frequent use of Masonic symbolism in his music and videos is a sign of his affiliation with secret societies.

Beyoncé’s Use of Blackface:

In 2011, Beyoncé was criticized for using blackface in a photoshoot for French fashion magazine L’Officiel. While the photos were meant to pay tribute to African culture, many fans were offended by the use of a racist practice that has a painful history in the United States.


Jay Z’s Cheating Scandal:

9 Dark Facts About Beyonce And Jay Z

In 2014, Jay Z was caught on camera getting into a physical altercation with Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, in an elevator. While the reason for the fight was never officially revealed, many fans speculate that it was related to Jay Z’s alleged infidelity.

Beyoncé’s Controversial Super Bowl Performance:

In 2016, Beyoncé’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl sparked controversy due to its perceived anti-police message. The performance featured dancers dressed as Black Panthers and a tribute to Malcolm X, leading some fans to accuse Beyoncé of promoting violence against law enforcement.

In conclusion, while Jay Z and Beyoncé are undoubtedly talented and successful performers, their personal lives have been marred by controversy and scandal. From drug dealing and infidelity to allegations of ties to secret societies and involvement in murder, these 10 dark facts shed a new light on the couple’s public image.

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