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How It Feels Like: 7 Ways to Know True Love



7 Ways to Know True love

Love is a universal language. It is a language that is spoken by many and understood by many.

Many have been opportune to experience love but rarely does a person find their “true” love.

A true love is a soul mate. It feels different. It is an incomparable, all-consuming feeling.

When you meet your true love, most times, you just know. It’s not something that was said or done but you just feel it. It is as clear as day.

Rarely do you not know.


There are times when you might feel a bit confused and need more clarity and this is where I step in. Let me help you figure it out.

This is how true love feels. Here are 7 Ways to Know True love:

Deeper than Physicalities.

True love

Here me out! You should always be physically attracted to the person you’re in love with. It is very important. However, true love and physical attraction do not have to exist together to be true.

By this, I mean, a person can be your true love and you might not feel sexual attractions for them.

True love is way more than just physical attraction. It is deep and meaningful. It is wanting to talk to someone all night long rather than being sexual with them. It is thinking of your love interest as individual entities separate from their bodies.


In all, while sexual attraction can be a great building block for love, real true love can exist without it.

You are relaxed around them

True love

This might come as a shocker to you but true love is not the rapid heart beat and woozy light headed feeling you might think it is.

Sometimes it is not even the intense butterflies. We are so used to associating love with chaotic feelings but true love doesn’t always have to be chaotic or messy.

You feel drawn to the person you’re in love with in a natural effortless way. You want to be around them. You want to listen to them. You want to in every way be there for them.  There is a calmness to the love, because it comes with no anxiety. Just the certainty that this is the person for you.

Having anxiety while you’re in a relationship might be a sign that a person isn’t your true love.


You do not need them to complete you.

True love is synonymous with healthy love. It’s a love that warms you, nourishes you, and caters for you. It complements you and does not take from you. When you find true love you will not feel incomplete without the love. As opposed to what we see on Movie screens when couples say “You complete me”, true love does not need to make you feel complete.

For it to complete you means that there is something lacking in you, and love should never make a person feel that way.

Zero anxieties

Like I mentioned previously, true love will not leave you riddled with doubts or anxiety. You are only anxious about something you believe will fail or not last. But, with true love you can feel that it will last. There is calmness to it that leaves you confident and positive.

It leaves no room for anxieties or worry.


True love is very accepting. It loves the flaws and everything in between. It’s not a love that judges a person. When you find true love you will know because you would want to unwrap all the bits of your heart and give it to that one person.

You want to tell them all your dreams, your fears, all your embarrassing moments and every bad thing you’ve ever done.


You will do this knowing that they would accept you.

You will also be willing to accept them for whatever it is they might have done as long as it’s not something (illegal or  intensely hurtful to another party).


Transparency comes with true love. There are no games, no secrets, no gimmicks.

You want to tell them everything. There is no room for secrecy in true love.

You want to be as authentic and transparent as humanly possible.


You want to share your past, present and future with the person that you love.

Willingness to compromise

You know it’s true love when you are able to compromise during situations for them and they’re able to do the same for you.

This is sign that you are willing to make it work in the long run. The compromise should never be focused on permanent fixtures of your life that will cause you unhappiness and your partner should never compromise in a way that will make them terribly unhappy.

The ability to reach a compromise without changing your rules completely and still being happy with each other is important for true love.

You share in their emotions

This is the last one. When your love for someone is true and when their love for you is true too, your emotions will affect them and vice versa.


When they’re happy, you will feel even more joy and when they’re sad it makes you feel really bad.

You want to be able to walk through every emotion.

You want to embrace them during happy moments and hold their hands during sad moments.

Bear in mind that this list is not a subjective one. It is open to more interpretations and add-ons. Everybody’s true love journey might not be the same but these are major notable things to look out for.

Your true love isn’t always necessarily the person you end up with. As a matter of fact only a very tiny chunk of people end up with their one true love. Some people do not even realize who their their true love is until it’s too late.


Sometimes your true love is closer to you than you might think. True love when found should never be lost.

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