man is a player

3 Ways to Know that He is a Player

man is a player
These days it’s so hard for the ladies to know if a man is for real or not. You meet a man, fall totally in love with him and give him all the desirables but only for you to call him some weeks later and the voice you hear sound like a stranger.
You have given him everything and you thought you could make something happen together but he’s making it obvious that since he has licked the honey, he’s no longer interested in the pot.
Now, don’t jump into the next available flight (man) just yet without taking these three points to heart. These will show you how to spot a player in a man.
1. Smooth Talking
Every player is a smooth talker. You have just noticed something wrong with him or his actions and before you say Jack, he has given you more than one reason that makes you feel you are the problem and not him.
He can talk his way out of anything. He is a player. A player is never wrong. All he tells you is how sexy you are and not necessarily how much of a wife material you are.
2. Talking Sex and No Commitment
Another way to spot a player is when he always schedule your hangouts to be indoors only when no one can interfere. He’s always touching and trying to lick the honey without making a firm commitment to you.
He avoids words like ‘I love you’ and when he uses it, it’s because he wants to get your back on the ground or get something from you.
He constantly talks about his sexual prowess and how he has conquered many battles sexually. He’s only telling you that you are the next battle to conquer.
He will never propose and when you ask questions in that direction, he turns it into a fight and make you feel desperate. He’s a player.
3. Not Available
When a man is never available for you when you need him but shows up when he needs you, he’s a suspect.
The proof of love is giving and when he’s not giving you attention and loving but expecting it whenever he asks for it, he’s only with you for what to get and not what to give..
Love is a beautiful thing and ‘players’ make it look ugly but we won’t relent, we will continue to dish out secrets that can help you separate the players from the real deal.
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