True Love Series: Love is not proud and does Not boast

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True Love Series: Love is not proud and does Not boast

Love is not proud. It does not boast. This is supposed to be basic and without explanation but the situation today requires that we explain. True love is the ultimate love and it’s the kind of love that offers us the bliss, peace and joy we want in a relationship.

So, what does it mean to say Love is not proud and love does not boast?

It is pride that makes a person look down on the potential and present condition of another person. A full housewife with no work experience today can become a billionaire tomorrow. But a man without love in his heart will look at her and speak to her as though her life does not matter. 

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Showcasing what you have in order to spite the other person is proof that the true love in your heart is false.

I once witnessed where a lover boasted that he would deal with his partner in ways she cannot imagine. 

You are not a First Class citizen while your partner is not. You are both First Class citizen and you must see each other as same. Speak to each other with respect.

Your achievements at work does not make you better. Your ability to excel at certain things does not give you permission to label the other person lazy.

Love is not proud and is not boastful. It is humble enough to listen, empathise, and encourage. 

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