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Why Your Sex Life Lacks Passion



Let’s be honest, sex isn’t always going to be absolutely orgasmic. Sometimes, it does suck, especially when you’ve been with your partner for so long.

However, if it sucks all the time, that’s a clear indication of lack of passion in your sex life and that is something that needs to be looked into.

Lack of passion in your marriage can create a space where your partner or even you might start to look for unhealthy alternatives to satisfy the empty spaces.

It is very important to know why your sex life lacks passion before finding out how you can change it.


These Are 5 Reasons Why Your Sex Life Lacks Passion

You do not make sex a priority

Sex is an integral part of a marriage. It should never be undermined.

So many people do not see sex as a priority in their marriages especially couples that have been together for so long.

The energy is rather exerted on so many other things except physical intimacy.

This slowly takes the passion out of sex. When you finally have sex with your partner, it ends up being mechanical and forced.

You Are Harboring  Unresolved Issues

Unresolved issues normally stems from an unforgiving mind.


You see, passion is fueled by emotional connection, when you have unresolved issues, it’s absolutely impossible to make that emotional connection with your partner.

You’re Not Being Honest

When you’re not honest about what you want in your sex life, it can stunt the quality of the sex that you have with your partner.

Always be vocal about what you want and what you don’t want to.

No matter how dirty or freakish you think it might sound, always communicate it with your partner. You just might never know, they might be into it and it will the perfect window to spice up your sex life.

You Don’t find your partner attractive anymore

This is beyond just physicalities. Your partner can be the most gorgeous woman/man in the room and you still wouldn’t find them attractive.


You need to identify the root cause of the way you’re feeling. Is it something they did to you? Address it and seek clarity.

They’ve become too familiar

You know what they say about too much familiarity breeding disrespect? Well in this case, you can start to take your partner for granted when you’ve become too close or familiar with them.

Your relationship is now based on a routine and have been stripped of excitement, it’s only normal that the sex will also be monotonous and boring.

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