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Why Love Really Fail; Four Ways to Avoid it



Why Love Fail; Four Ways to Avoid it

Why Love Really Fail; Four Ways to Avoid it

There was a time when I am quick to blame the man for not treating the woman right or the woman for causing a break-up. Experience and knowledge has shown me how wrong I am. 

Some people say true love does not fail but obviously, those people have no idea what love is. When we equate love to feelings and other external factors, we think it should not fail.

Most people have no idea what it means to be in a relationship while thinking they do.

Wisdom has taught me over the years that every love relationship that fails is due to the lack of four things. Every love relationship that succeeds is also because of these four things. 

  1. Master your yourself and Emotions
  2. Break negative patterns
  3. Be a daily adding asset
  4. Living a teachable life

These four things are what makes a person The High-Value Partner.

I have had three failed relationships before I finally got married. My parent’s marriage went south. I have counselled many on the verge of break-ups and divorce.

Show me a relationship that succeeded or the one that failed and I will show you the presence of The High-Value Partner qualities or the absence of it. You’ve been told many secrets you need to succeed in a relationship or marriage but ALL that you’ve been told are crumbs under the four components that make a High-Value Partner.


How does onetime perfect relationship turn bad? How does a person you once referred to as the love of your life become the enemy of your life? When we find love we say we have found ‘the one’ but the truth really is that it’s not enough to have a sustained marriage. To start and build a sustained marriage, you don’t need the one, you need a person who possess the high-value partner qualities.  

What we all say we want is the ‘one’ but what we all really need is ‘The High-Value Partner’. Once a person can imbibe The High-Value Individual’s habits and live by that standard, that person will give you Love and real Happiness.

The sad thing is that if your partner becomes one and you aren’t one, you will frustrate their effort and the desired eternal love and happiness may be missing.


Most people who seem happy when getting married won’t be so happy anymore 3 to 7 years down the line. This is because they passed the test of Happiness but they did not pass the sustainability test.

You Don’t Know What You Are Doing

Marriage has become a show and even a competition. You take the best pictures and splash it on social media for people to believe you and your babe are perfect.

You are careful to show the world how beautiful your wife is but your wife is deeply unhappy.

You are quick to celebrate his birthday publicly with that very lovely picture but your man is just barely happy with you.

Some people will NEVER divorce or separate but they also will NEVER be happy for one week straight in marriage.



Love fail because we fail to acquire the right skills needed to grow love

Love experience failure due to our inability to master our emotions 

We say love has failed when we do not become the high value partner capable of bringing joy and happiness into the life of the other person. 

For love to stop failing, we must dare to separate ourselves from the crowd. Love differently and create a higher standard of loving for ourselves.

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