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What Does The Bible Say About Tolerating Abuse?



While marriage is a Union ordained by God, does this mean even during abuse, married couples should keep enduring?

A lot of Christians believe that the best thing and action to take when facing abuse is to forgive their partners the way Jesus. While forgiveness is Christ like,  does forgiveness also mean you have to keep entertaining the bad behavior?

While The Bible tells wives to be submissive to their husband, in Ephesians 5 bs 21, the same Bible also tells men to love their wives.

When you truly love someone, in the way that Christ does, you will never subject them to any form of abuse.

For men  to receive the submission treatment, they also have to do their own quota which is to love and respect their wives.


The Bible does not encourage abuse and is only filled with gentleness and peace just like Jesus Christ.

It is okay to walk away from an abusive marriage or relationship, bearing in mind that God still loves you and understands your plight. It is not a sin for you to choose yourself in a toxic situation.

It can be a scary prospect to be single but you’re not alone. God is always with  you.

God wants what’s best for you. He want you to grow and be surrounded with love. If you’re not getting the love you deserve from a partner, then walk away and submerge yourself in God’s love.

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