Wedding vendors you can’t do without

wedding vendor

wedding vendor

The secret to a great wedding is a team of talented professional wedding vendors. It takes a lot of planning to make your wedding memorable and this cannot be done on your own. You need help from professionals that can make your wedding go smoothly and itch free. So how do you get a beautiful, meaningful and smooth wedding day like you see in in the magazines? Hire the pros who created those events in the first place!

Here is a list of wedding vendors that can make your wedding a dream come true

  1. Your wedding planner

You should choose your wedding planner first to reserve your date on their calendar and have their guidance during the entire wedding planning process. From the beginning to the end, your wedding planner will be your experienced counsel for every vendor interview, contract and scheduling question. The place of a wedding planner cannot be underestimated as it helps for you to stay calm when you know you have someone to help you plan your event from start to finish

  1.  Your photographer

Your photographer is one of the most important vendors at your wedding. They capture beautiful moments of you and your partner from start to finish. You should book your photographer around 11months from your wedding. Since photography business are most often run by a single person or small teams of creative professionals that work one wedding per day, its important to book early. Be sure to take your venue into account when determining your preferred photography style.

  1. Your videographer

Your videographer is equally as important as your photographer on your big day. They also capture beautiful moments at your events. Videography business is run by a single person or a duo of creative professionals who work one wedding per day so you should ensure to book early as well. With a film you will be able to relive your day with your future family and remember even the smallest details you and your vendor team worked so hard to create.

  1. Your hair and makeup team

Your hair and makeup team work hand in hand to make you look beautiful on your big day. You should plan on hiring them around six to eight months from your wedding date. Your beauty vendors will likely only be able to serve one full bridal party per day so it is important to book them sooner rather than later.

  1. Your cake designer

You should also plan to hire your cake designer early enough. Although a cake baker can serve multiple weddings in a weekend, you should reserve your spot in their weekend schedule ahead of time to make sure you get the cake baker you like best.




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