True Love Series: What it means to say Love is Patient

True Love Series What it means to say Love is Patient

The True Love Series: What it means to say Love is Patient

Love is patient but many of us who claim to be in love are not patient with our partners. I will attempt to break it down in this piece.

Many Years Ahead of You

Especially for married folk, the journey is long. All things being equal, you both will be married for over 30 to 80 years depending on your age. If only you can learn how to be more patient with your spouse, in 20 years you will realise the folly of being impatient. 

You have all the time in the world to be patient enough to allow them be themselves, make their mistakes and learn from them. The same goes for you – don’t try to be perfect, make your mistakes and learn from them. Be patient with yourself. 

Be Patient with your time

Being on time or getting ready for an event can be pretty easy for men but for women, they take their time. This is one of the things men get themselves worked over. There is no need for this if we are operating the Love is Patient principle here. You must understand why they are taking that much time to dress up. They want to feel confident, impress you and make you proud of them.  

Instead of being impatient, calm down and even help them out. To avoid this, you can help them plan in advance. When your appointment is for 2pm, work with them on 12pm. That way you both win. 

Be Patient with your words

True love is communicated with words. When you don’t apply patience in communication, you say things you should not say. When you are in a hurry to pour your heart, you end up hurting the other person’s heart. So, calm down and choose your words carefully. In doing so, you are putting to practice the true love you claim to have.

Be patient with their growth

Many lovers are too much in a hurry to see their partner become PERFECT. Someone wants his or her partner to be more beautiful in an instant but fail to realise that beauty is an expensive venture. Someone wants his or her lover to speak more calmly but fail to realise that this person has been this way all their life. It will take time and it will be a journey you have to be patient with them on as long as they are willing.

Whatever it is you want from your partner, patiently encourage them. Don’t make a fuss out of it if they are slow to achieve what you aim. This love thing is a journey. How you love them when they are not ‘all that’ is the true test of love.

In conclusion

Anyone can love a perfect person but only the special breed can love humans the way they are while patiently helping them to be who they need to become. 

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