True Love series: Love is not easily angered

True Love series Love is not easily angered

True Love series: Love is not easily angered

We have seen cases where one partner gets angry to the point where he or she killed the lover. True love is not where there is no anger but where you don’t allow your anger get the better of you. It is where there is so much bliss that anger doesn’t happen but occasionally.

Before love ever gets to the point where lovers hurt themselves physically, there has been signs of getting easily angered. 

We will offend each other

There is no true love without conflict. Conflict actually help to build true love. It is in the process of conflict you get to understand each other better. Conflict is not bad, it is when it gets us to a place of uncontrollable anger that it becomes bad. 

So, you will offend each other and even hurt each other but you must develop the habit of forgiving in advance. If you do, you won’t get angry over many things you get angry about. 

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He/She Doesn’t Mean to Hurt You

I am hoping that many lovers will understand this principle. If we approach issues from the understanding that my partner didn’t mean to hurt me, it will help greatly. 

Sometimes, words are said, actions are taken that gets you angry and worked up. However, if we can just take a little time to think things through and ask questions, we may realise that our partner’s intentions are pure. And once intentions are pure, you needn’t get angry. You only need to communicate how that makes you feel to your partner without anger.

Constantly angry

When your partners words and actions irritate you, and constantly makes you angry, true love is no longer existing. True love is not easily angered but regularly making excuses for the other person. 

In conclusion

The next time you are angry, calm down and ask yourself salient questions:

Why am I angry? 

Who made me angry? 

How did I contribute to this person making me angry?

How can I respond in a way that she/he recognised his mistakes without hurting them? 

When you do this, you are taking the higher ground and showing what it truly means to love. True love is not easily angered but takes a less travelled road of correction with love. 

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