True Love series: Love Does Not Parade Itself

True Love series Love Does Not Parade Itself

True love is what we need to have a blissful and happy love life but many are not putting to practice true love. To practice true love is to understand what it means to say ‘Love Does Not Parade itself’.

When two people are in love, it is not about who is right or who is better than the other. We claim to be in love while we flaunt for the other person. We are quick to remind them that we are better than they are. We subtly make them feel less of themselves. 

Love is not a show

Love does Not Parade itself. It does not show off to his or her partner and neither does it show off to the world. Some partners are about showing off their marriage to the world as perfect than doing the actual work of making it work. They are more consumed by how their partner make them look to the world than the true state of their union. 

Love is not a show for each other or the world. It is not a parade for people to cheer. Love does Not Parade itself means there is no showing off of any kind to each other and to the world.

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Not About Impressing people

This is where many people miss it. They are all about impressing others with their love life. They flaunt their partner in public while chastising them in private. True love is not about impressing anyone but about presiding over your love affair with humility and acceptance. 

Loving behind closed doors

Love does not parade itself is actually about how you live behind closed doors on the good days and the bad days. How you sit down to resolve conflict without degrading each other. How you are truly happy with each other and not how you are faking it for the gram. 

Loving in your heart

Love does Not Parade itself is about truly loving your partner in your heart. Out of our heart flows our actions and inactions. When you love in your heart, your outer actions will correspond with that.

You take responsibility 

When we say Love does not parade itself, we are saying love takes responsibility for the success and failure of their relationship. You do not make yourself appear like the saint while your partner appear like the villain. You are forthcoming about your wrongs first before mentioning that of your spouse. 

This responsibility makes you let go and accept your partner the way they are while helping them get better. 

Lastly, Small and insecure people parade themselves 

You may be smart and talented, capable and likeable. And you may gather all the qualities of 100 people in one person but if you flaunt it at the expense of your partner, you are small and insecure. True love is your ability to be all these things and still make your partner believe they are as well even if they are not.

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