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Texting Habits That Ruin Relationships



Bad texting habits are considered a significant communication problem in a relationship. If you text too often, it can annoy, and your partner will see you as a disturbance. If you text less, you could be called indifferent by your significant other. Experts say that if a couple is not careful about their texting habits, it can even lead to them breaking up. Needless to say, bad texting habits pose miscommunication and misunderstanding threats. Here are some bad texting habits that can ruin relationships

1. Too many exclamation marks

Too many question marks, as well as too many emojis, also fall under this bracket. Believe it or not, too much drama with texting can put your partner off. It can sometimes be read as you screaming at them and no one likes being attacked. Experts say that it can be read as immaturity as well by your significant other. So control your enthusiasm and your tendency to overdramatise your texts – don’t put an exclamation mark or an emoji after every sentence. I’m not saying don’t be real, but you can keep your real you that they love for when you’re in person as texting habits can be misunderstood.

2. Texting too often

There can be several interpretations of this. No matter how affectionate your messages are, bombarding your babe with texts every 15 minutes can cause annoyance and distraction. It can also be viewed as insecurity. On top of everything, it can prove that you are a text addict. Learn to have a life outside your texting; this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reply when she texts and you see it but texting every moment is not acceptable.


3. Texting too less

If you take a large amount of time to reply to your partner’s texts, this can spell trouble as well. To begin with, your delayed response to urgent messages can be seen as passive aggression, especially when you’re intentionally ignoring them because of a recent argument. Being ignored can make your babe feel unloved. So, beware of intentionally doing this. If you’re a busy person, you can set out time to reply to them.

4. Texting to argue

If there are issues in your relationship, efforts should be made to discuss them openly, one on one and in person, even Facetime doesn’t come close to physical interactions. Do not text angry messages or a barrage of accusations. Whatever the issue is, do not rely solely on the impersonal, distant communication method. Talk to each other in person and hash out any issues you may have.

5. Nagging texts


These are the major texting habits that could kill your relationship. For instance, your partner had forgotten your mother’s birthday, and you are angry and don’t want to forgive. What do you do? You constantly message them that this forgetfulness shows that they don’t care about their family. No one likes this; no one is happy to be with a nagging partner. If you continue to nag, it spells doom for your relationship.

Hope this helps you work on your relationship issues and gain better texting habits. Sending love and light your way…

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