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Kechukwu Eric Ahiauzu also known as Ric Hassani is a famous Nigerian Pop Singer, songwriter and musician back with another brand new single titled JOY.

Ric Hassani says “I wrote a song called “Joy” about what I’d been going through. “Joy” has pulled me out of a lot of dark places, a lot of depression. I hope – I know – it will help, even one person, out of some depression and weakness. That’s all my prayer; that the music helps someone and gives someone some kind of strength. Someone. Anyone. That will be my satisfaction, that will be the greatest reward.“

Just after releasing the hit song “Love Me Jeje” in June 2015, international recording artist Ric Hassani is back with another brand new single titled JOY. Produced by Gray “Babalowo” Jones and Doron Clinton.

“Ohhhh yeahhh
Ohhhh yeahhh
All I see
Joy Joy(Joy yeah)x8
All I see x3
I remember I remember when they tell me say I no go hammer
I remember I remember when they tell me say I no go make am
And my mummy and my mummy told me you’re wasting time
And my daddy and daddy told me don’t waste your life
Tell me say now when I wake up in the morning making money can’t tell me nothing
Oluwa keep putting blessing on me (oh Lord)
Oluwa daku gboro mi ro
That is why I sing now all I see is joy
Joy joy×5
Now all I see
Now all I see is Joy
All I see

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