Relationship Goals: Barry and Iris West Allen

Most of you who saw the names up there and recognized them must have been surprised that I decided to make fictional characters the benchmark for a healthy relationship. You can’t blame me really because often, those we thought would never break up have proven that there were a lot of skeletons in the cupboard as the saying goes. At least, with the fictional guys, we get to see them in public and in private, and that’s why they are the standard for a healthy relationship.

For those who don’t know Barry Allen is the Flash in the DC universe of superheroes and Iris is his partner and though this has been fated for a long time, their relationship journey was not a smooth one with both of them dating different people at some points in the series. They survived this setback, monsters, aliens, and multiple super-powered villains, even a god at a time and an immortal being; all these never deterred Barry and Iris as they always found each other and Barry even calls her his ‘lightning rod’ because he always channels lightning when he runs.

However, the flashy aspects of their relationship are not why they are goals for many couples out there; it’s the part where a lot of people miss, the part where the kids miss when they watch the show and focus on the action and the high-speed chases and battles.

Barry and Iris West-Allen are the best at communicating among all the couples I’ve seen online; they don’t keep things bottled up at all. Whenever one of them disagrees with what the other said, they settle their differences and move on because ultimately, they love each other and know that the intention of the other is not to hurt them.

This could be because they grew up together as childhood friends and for years, Barry had to leave with Iris and her Dad, so they’ve been developing their communication for a long time. However, this should not be an excuse for not communicating, it’s still often tough for them to open up to each other, but they do, and the rest of us should learn from this and learn to have the tough discussions with our partners that we may be afraid of because these tough discussions bring us closer.

Another reason why I rate them as having a very healthy relationship is that they always support each other. Barry supports Iris in all she sets her mind to while also advising her on the dangerous things she does without sounding too protective. Iris also offers support for Iris and encourages him even when Barry doubts himself.

Their relationship is one of mutual support, sacrifices and good communication, and this is why Barry and Iris from the DC Universe are my best fictional couple, love and light, Wonder…

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