Pastor Emmanuel Iren Gives Best Advice For Marriage

He started off by saying that it’s not about marrying your friend even though it’s a good and an ok concept. it’s not even about the husband should love their wives even though the bible instructs that. It’s not about the wife being submissive but the best marriage advice is found in Galatians chapter 5 Vs 16 

‘I say then, walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfil the works of the flesh.’

What does this text have to do with marriage? Everything.

He said that in 2006, he was at a conference and a love coach was speaking and the love coach had made a reputation for giving people practical principles for the dos and don’ts for marriage, dating, e.t.c. The coach said that there was a time when one of the people he mentored almost forgot what he taught and almost did not use the principles.

Pastor Emmanuel asked a question, “You think the people fighting in marriage don’t know fighting is bad?” He also added that some people who have relationships where they argue a lot might have rehearsed to reply to their partner in a good way so they won’t be an argument but sometimes, we end up getting angry and things don’t go the same way you planned. He said that what many people are trying to tackle is the effect and not the cause. If you don’t like anger in your relationship, anger is the effect and not the cause, you should go for the cause. He said that there is something supplying the anger and it is called Flesh. (Romans 7 vs 19 and 21) so that is why people go for relationship seminars and the person doesn’t get better. Not that they are not giving good advice but putting the advice to work is hard.

When you think of love, you must tackle it beyond the emotional realm. You must tackle it with your spirit. He said that your spirit is capable of loving and that’s where your love should always come from.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren Gives Best Advice For Marriage



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