Past Emmanuel Iren Talks About Ex-Factor (Moving Past Break Ups)

No matter how spiritual you are, you must master your emotions. You need to understand that nobody needs a good excuse to break up with you. When a man or woman promises you the whole world, they might mean it at the point when they said it but eventually, they change. 

Dating is a probation period, it may or may not happen no matter the efforts you put into it. Ask intelligent questions and discuss things so that you can have realistic expectations rather than fantasies.

Pastor Iren stated that people have rejected God’s love even though he sent his only son to die for us so is it your love that cannot be rejected? People can switch up anytime. There’s nobody above breakfast.

He said that we should understand two things; The power of choice that people have, and to understand the value that you have. Your compensation for the power of choice that people have is that you are also a person of value, so if someone says no to you, you have to understand that many others will want to say yes to you. He said everything starts with the mind and you have to believe that you have value.

Many times, heartbreaks reveal insecurity. When you start crying and wailing you indirectly reveal why the person broke in the first place. You are too insecure so you’re clingy. He also added that breakups expose idolatry. When you say things like, ‘I cannot do without you.’

Sometimes we have an unhealthy attachment with people. People take the place of God in your life and maybe that’s why they ran away. He said that you should never hold on to someone who doesn’t want to be with you. You must believe in yourself that it’s not the end of the world when someone says no. Sometimes, we might have hidden insecurities but he said we should trust God.

The Lead Pastor of Celebration Church International, stated that one has to have other things or life after their relationship. He considered a person with just their relationship life as parasite, saying that, that’s one of the reasons heartbreak is devastating because the person is alone and idle. Now it is very obvious that there is a vacuum in your mind. It’s very good to have a purpose. You must be passionate enough. When you can do this, you are in a better position to have a healthy relationship next.

What Do You Do When You Dealing With A Break-Up?

Ask why they are doing it but don’t stress the why too much; For someone to come to you and ask for a break-up, it means they had already thought about it. Don’t beg for too long, let them know that you care about them but it takes two to be in a relationship and if they are going, you respect their decision. Don’t nag about it. When you are alone, you can cry as much as you want but not in front of the person who just broke up with you.

Don’t call/text every time to ask if they were sure about their decision.

Have a no-contact period. Experts suggest 30 days. It is not always good to show too much care or too much anger so don’t block.

Be positive and be fun. This is where purpose comes in. You don’t have to reduce how you used to dress, nobody died. You need to be pampered to reassure yourself that you are a huge deal. So treat yourself out.

He rounded up by saying you should be excited. Be on to new things and pursue God’s plan for your life. It may not be easy but you can do it.

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