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My Love Bombing Experience – Lovers Desk



             Lovers Desk

Lovers Desk is a weekly series that explores the relationship struggles and exploits of young Africans. It showcases the hidden love and hurt stories that are rarely shared or discussed, helping you see through their lens and draw lessons for your own love life.


                      My Story

I am Dami and this is my love bombing experience.

I  met Dan two years ago in 2021. He had seemed like the perfect gentleman from our very first conversation. He was very, very complimentary with me. And at first, I loved it.

What woman does not love being complimented?


He gave me his time and his attention, and it felt like he wanted to second every second d with me.

However, I started to notice that he was becoming very clingy and encroaching himself in my time all the time.

When I would want to do important things, he would get angry and berate me for not making time for him.

Barely one week, after we started talking, he asked me to be his girlfriend. At the time, I was just fresh out of a relationship. So, I was still trying to take things slow in the dating pool. I communicated my feelings with him and asked him to be patient with me.

The truth was, at that time, I did see myself dating him, but I knew that I wasn’t ready at the moment. I just needed a little time.


However, even after explaining to him that I needed time off from a relationship before I could commit to someone, he still did not slow things down. If anything, it got even worse than before. He kept showering me with so much attention and even gifts.

After barely 3 weeks of us meeting each other he started to talk about how he could not wait to get married to me.

After a while, I started to feel very unsettled by how fast paced the whole situation was. And so I eventually asked him for a break.

When I asked him for a break, things just plummeted downwards from there.

This was where things got really intense.


He gave me “the break” I asked for for just 2 days and then on the third day, he came back again and resumed his previous behaviors.

This time around, he was calling me like never before.

At this point, I was very irritated and I decided to end things completely with him.

And almost immediately I got introduced to wither side of him.

The fun loving guy that I knew, who was always sweet and nice to suddenly turn into someone that I did not know.


He hurled insults at me and told that I should be grateful that he’s giving me his time and his attention and that there were so many other females who would die for the attention that he was giving me.

I started to do a bit more research on him and that was when I stumbled on his ex girlfriend.

She confided in me that his aggressive clingy was  was the same reason she had broken things off with him.

She told me that  he had seemed sweet and perfect in the beginning of their relationship, but as things progressed, bits of him that were unsettling to her started to unravel.

That was when she decided to end things between them.


Once I got all of this information, I decided that it was best for me to block him on all social platforms.

Since then, thankfully, he has not attempted to reach out to me again.

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