Mercy Aigbe; Past Relationships and Love Life

The Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe always gives us something to talk about, if she’s not having a social media banting face-off with someone then she is fighting her husband’s ex-wife at a party. She has been accused of stealing her current husband from her friend but the public figure doesn’t care even if the world talks about it. She’s a mother of two children, a girl, Michelle Gentry Aigbe, and a boy, Juwon Gentry Aigbe.


Mercy Aigbe had her first marriage but it’s not public. All we know is that they broke off because of his mother-in-law who didn’t want her son to marry from another tribe. 

We are going to be focused on her second marriage and her current marriage. 

It is not new that the actress has been accused of snatching her husbands from their first wives. Her second marriage was with Lanre Gentry who was first married to an actress, Bimbo Akinsanya. 

Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry

Mercy Aigbe is a Nollywood actress, a director and also a businesswoman. Lanre Gentry is a businessman who hails from Osun state. 

The two got married in 2013 and their marriage crashed in 2017 over accusations of infidelity and domestic violence. Mercy claimed that Lanre was very irresponsible. 

Mercy Aigbe; Past Relationship

The two are popularly known for dragging and insulting themselves on social media. Like you both are adults because you are celebrities does not mean you have to post everything on social media. Have a private life!

I honestly do not understand why people bring their problems to social media which is full of hypocrites and judges. You are only making things worse for yourself. On the 21st of June 2021, Mercy Aigbe posted, ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to herself and Lanre took to his social media to shade her. Like why? 

Mercy Aigbe; Past Relationships and Love Life

He said that women who act as fathers and assume their position as a father in their children’s lives are not from a good background. Defending his point, he said fathers make their children happy. What about mothers sir? 

Mercy replied to him by saying, ‘shameless and irresponsible father.’ There are different approaches to handling things privately and respectfully, but oh well, some people enjoy giving drama and we are here for it! 

The Romance Between Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry

Mercy met Lanre when she was working in the bank and had not even started acting. Mercy gave him a condition that he was going to marry her and that she wasn’t ready for a mere relationship. The funny thing about this story is that at that time, she was engaged.  

He agreed and started to court her. Soon, Lanre discovered Mercy had a fiancee and he was already married so he became a shoulder that Mercy had to cry on. That was when their love started. Why was she crying when she was courting Lanre? Can we ever understand women? 

A Brief Marriage

Their union lasted for only four years and Mercy blamed it on Lanre’s infidelity and domestic violence.

Mercy Aigbe Past Relationships And Love Life

Since then it has been endless years of premium dragging from both parties on the internet. Mercy also said that her husband accused her of sleeping with everybody but is that a reason to raise your hand at someone?

Well, let’s continue.

When Mercy announced her marriage to her third husband who is her current, Kazim Adeoti, Lanre took to his Instagram to thank God for vindicating him. He posted a picture of him and Mercy when they were still married and Kazim was there, meaning Kazim is Lanre’s friend.


With his post, he was insinuating that Mercy had always been cheating. Netizens also tried to put salt in their wound by adding that Juwon, the son of Lanre and Mercy had a striking resemblance with Kazim Adeoti.

Can you see why your business should never be online? You will have unnecessary in-laws and interference. God epp us!

Mercy Aigbe and Kazim Adeoti

Mercy started using style to tell us that she was going to get married in 2021. She didn’t want to say it fully because then, he was another man’s wife. Hmmm. On the 4th of June 2021, she posted a picture of herself holding a banquet of flowers and she stated that she might just give marriage another chance. 

Mercy Aigbe Past Relationships And Love LifeMercy Aigbe Past Relationship And Love Life

The Ex-wife of Kazim Adeoti

The ex-wife of Kazim, Oluwafunsho Asiwaju accused Mercy of sleeping with her husband even way before they made their relationship public and while he was still married to her. In a statement on her Instagram page, Asiwaju said that she used to be friends with Mercy but she repaid her by snatching her husband and breaking her home. The ex-wife posted it as a response to a video of an interview Mercy and Kazim had with Media Room Hub. In the interview, Mercy said she was happy to be a second wife and Kazim said that his wife, Asiwaju was ok with the new arrangement.

Mercy Aigbe Past Relationships And love life

Asiwaju wrote on her Instagram,

“Let’s get the record straight here. This post is regarding an interview recently going around by Media Room Hub with my soon-to-be ex-husband in one of his numerous lies.

“I want you all to know that in contrast to what Mr Adeoti said, I did NOT and will NEVER SETTLE to have a second wife in my marriage to him.

“Kazim, you should stop painting a perfect picture of a marriage you clearly do not have with me, Oluwafunso Asiwaju Couture.

“You and your sidechick can continue with whatever it is you are doing, BUT NEVER come out to social media degrading me or my children with your demeaning and childish attitude. I will not stoop to your level of rubbish and stupidity.

Asiwaju did not stop there. She told the public that Mercy had been sleeping with her husband, Kazim since when he her son Juwon was 5 months. She said she had introduced Mercy to her husband as a friend and that she had personally called and invited Mercy and her ex-husband, Lanre to attend her 40th birthday party of Kazim. She stated that Mercy was the problem in her marriage for many years and that it was only the beginning of the end for her. She revealed all these on the 24th of January, 2022. 

Mercy pleaded with Nigerians to be happy for her and that she was happy for herself. She said that after her two failed marriages, she had said she was not going to get married but only focus on her career and children. But when Kazim came into her life, he brought joy and peace.

Don’t Give Advises You Do Not Take

You know the internet never forgets. Before her divorce in 2017, Mercy once had a YouTube channel for controversial relationship and marriage tips. Lol! The irony. In one of her YouTube videos, she advised single girls not to sleep with married men. She said, 

“If you are dating a married man, collect his money because that man is already married. Some stupid girls would be dating a married man, and they would be doing love. But, Sis, he is not yours. He belongs to another woman, don’t go and collect chocolates and flowers as a gift from a married man. If you do, your head needs to be re-examined.”

I know you want to go and check if she’s the one holding flowers in the picture from a married man. It is her oo, we will not say anything. Practice what you preach.

How did Mercy Aigbe and Kazim Adeoti Become an Item?

Kazim revealed that he and Mercy had been business partners for 10 years and he had always noticed something was special about her. 

“Mercy has always been a business partner and I’ve always seen something very special. The first thing that got me attracted to her was that she was very open and truthful to me from the first transaction we had together,” Adeoti said.

He said that the first time he gave her money for movie production, she returned the remaining money that wasn’t used and that was his first time dealing with such a person since his period in that business. He also noted that he was one of the people to advise Mercy to leave her abusive marriage with his friend, Lanre Gentry. He said that when he did that, Mercy was not happy with his advice so it slowed down their business. After the whole Lanre and Mercy saga, the two connected and Mercy sold one of her very successful movies to Kazim. He gave her some money and invited her for dinner. This was where the relationship that eventually led to marriage began. 

Their union has not produced any children yet. Although They are still back and forth with Mercy and Asiwaju, we believe Kazim and Mercy are both happy together or so they say. 

Mercy Aigbe Past Relationship And Love Life

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