Building Your Dream Marriage

Building Your Dream Marriage

Building Your Dream Marriage

Building Your Dream Marriage
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I was a visitor in their home but I didn’t want to leave. The woman was in the kitchen while the man kept me company. He kept excusing himself to the kitchen at intervals. At a point, I thought he was trying to make his wife get the food ready in time for me. I thought wrong.

“Sir, I am not in a hurry. Let madam take her time. You don’t have to tell her to be fast”, I finally said to him.

He looked at me strangely and continued as though I didn’t just say something.

I had a very great time with them. The wife finally finished cooking and served everyone but I noticed that a kiss followed almost every activity. When she announced food was ready, her husband moved closer to her, kissed her and said Thank You. When she served him, he touched her hand, kissed her and said Thank You.

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As the conversation went on, this big brother told me that his wife is the best thing to have ever been created. I looked at his wife’s face and all I could see was deep love. She kissed him proudly. All in all, I couldn’t count the number of kisses.

Big brother walked me to the gate as I made to leave. We had exchanged pleasantries before he stopped me and said, “I wasn’t going to the kitchen to hurry her up. I was going regularly to cheer her up. If you were not around, I would be by her side making it happen with her”.

I left that house a different man. I had NEVER seen love that way before.

So, let me ask you, are you currently building a Dream Marriage or a ‘Regular Marriage’. If your marriage will just end up as another statistics, there’s no point walking down the aisle.

The time had come for you to be deliberate about what your marriage will be like. 

How do you build this? It should start by identifying what you do every day in your love life? How do you keep your partner in love with you every day?

You need a VISION

This has to be compelling and clear enough for the two of you. A marriage without a vision is like a football match without a goal post. You must both be heading in the same direction. This vision will speak for you in days of despair.

Love Personified

You need to become Love Personified. Make it easy to love you by being the man or woman of his dreams. When you constantly dazzle your spouse daily, they will have no other choice than to keep falling for you. 

In this part of the world, it is unbelievable that a man would love a woman that much. Seeing a man who washes his wife’s pants, cooks for her, carry her loads while she walks freely, touch and kiss her incessantly, tell her Thank You for cooking for him and devotes his life to be committed to her is strange but it is possible.

You need MODELS

We have relationships that aren’t enviable because partners do not collectively have role models they are looking up to. Your models of marriage will likely determine your performance in marriage. If Chris Brown and Rihanna were your relationship models, you will likely build a marriage of domestic violence. Having quality models will make you say “what would my model do if in this situation?”

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