Coach Legend: 5 Things You Should Do When You Are Waiting for Love

Coach Legend: 5 Things You Should Do When You Are Waiting for Love



In the cause of helping people build better and happier love lives, I come across those who are desperately searching for love. There is the burning desire to have someone to call their own. It’s a valid desire but if not careful, can turn you into a needy and better-to-be-stayed-away-from person.


When love fails to show up in time, what do you do? I will be sharing with you 5 things you need to do when love fails to show up:


  1. Love Yourself

Love is infectious. We can tell if you love yourself enough or not. The great thing about this is that those who are in love with their own self are not in need of love because everyone around them would be showing them enough love.


If you are wondering how to love yourself, just think about all that you do to and for someone you love; do same to yourself.


  1. Give Love

This is premeditated on the first premise of ‘you cannot give love when you don’t have it yourself’. That’s why it’s first important that you love your own self.


Giving love is showing up for people, caring for people, being kind to people, giving gifts to people, adding value to people and making other people’s lives better without expecting anything in return.


  1. Evaluate Your Life

When love fails to show up, we are quick to ascribe it to far too many inconsequential issues. You need to evaluate your life and without bias, identify the things you could have done better that you never did.


It’s like a man who is always broke and constantly complaining of being broke. The deliverance he needed was a prescription by a Financial coach who told him to keep a book where he writes all his expenses as they are made for the month. After one month, the man knew why he was always broke, alcohol took 50 percent of his money, recharge cards took 20 percent and the remaining 30 percent was barely enough to cover fuel for his car and other basic responsibilities.


All he needed to do was evaluation and that’s all you need to do also. How did you get to this point where you are in search of love? What led you here and what could you have done in the past to prevent it?


  1. Develop Yourself

Someone said the reason why we are where we are is because of what we know and are exposed to. It’s the same for relationships.


Imagine that you were born under a different circumstances, to a different parent, in a different environment, wouldn’t you have turned out differently than your present circumstance?


If you were to learn new things, visit new places, get more skills and trainings, wouldn’t you be better prepared for that ‘Love of Your Life’ when he/she finally shows face?


  1. Become a Big Shot

No one likes to romance a nobody or do you? It is pertinent that you grow to become someone important, a person of value and someone influential in his/her field of endeavour. Failure to do this is an indication that when love finally shows up, it would be an ordinary person.


Quit waiting for love to show up instead grow to become a top shot in your career or industry. I have discovered that when you focus the attention on becoming a person of importance, the important things you desire fall on your laps.


What you have just read is a Gabriel Olatunji-Legend thought and idea as a practicing online relationship coach and counselor. To get notifications about more of his free life changing teachings, subscribe below.

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