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5 Reasons You’re Single – The Fourth One Will Surprise You




Are you single? If so, I’m pretty certain you’ve contemplated your single status once or twice and I am here to let you know some of the reasons you’re single.

Some people are single because they want to, others are single because of some situations which they have no control over.

What are some of the major reasons people are single?

Well…a detailed look into behavioral patterns of singles by relationship experts has given us some major clues.


These Are Some Of The Reasons You Might Br Single

You have ridiculously high standards

Oh yes! I get it. We are all for knowing your worth and never settling but sometimes, maybe your standards are just too unrealistic.

When you read romance books and watch lots of telenovela and romantic period movies, it’s so easy to want that for yourself even when in reality it is not mot very achievable.

Are you looking for the perfect one? Tall, dark, handsome, rich, romantic and all the other perfect traits? Well…those are not bad qualities to look out for in a person but you have to understand that your chances  of getting that entire package are pretty  slim.

Maybe you shouldn’t look for someone who is perfect all round but rather someone who complements you beautifully.

Experience love for yourself and do not try to make fictional experiences your relationship reality.


You Are Scared Of Committing

This is a fear that is usually dominant amongst a lot of men.

They are scared to be vulnerable and to be tied down to one woman because they feel it might make them weak.

They might also be scared that they might make a wrong choice of partner.

When you have the deep fear of being committed to someone, you are more prone to unhappiness.

Even when you meet the right one, you might sabotage it unintentionally because of the fear.


Your Heart Has Been Broken Too Many Times

We’ve all been there before haven’t we? We get our hearts broken and then we promise ourselves that we will never open up to another person again.

It’s natural to want to guard yourself a little bit more after a a painful breakup and heartbreak experience.

But, you will never be able to experience love if you keep holding back because of fear. Life is all about taking chances even when you know it might hurt.

Physical Looks And Hygeine

This one sucks but it’s the truth. I’m sorry, but if you do not look good or you do not smell nice, the chances of finding the one are pretty slim.

You don’t have to be the most attractive person in the room, you can dress smartly and take your personal hygiene seriously to look good.


Imagine if you have the chances of meeting your potential partner and what puts them off when they come close to you is your body odor.

You have to be Intentional about looking good all the time and smelling good because you just might never know where you will meet your soul mate.

You Chose To be Single

Contrary to what a lot of people might believe, so many individuals actually intentionally chose to remain single.

Not for any deep reasons except that they want to. Not every body is on the desperate look out for a relationship, some people have mastered the art of being alone and making themselves happy while at it.

They would rather take out the time to focus on the themselves, practice self love and work on their emotional and physically well being over all.

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