5 Harsh Facts About Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships to do or not to do? This is a question a lot of people ask when they’re at cross roads figuring out if they should plunge ahead with their long distance relationship or end things and find someone closer.

While there are some great aspects of being in a long distance relationship, there are some facts that you have to note down before you decide to begin your long distance relationship journey.

These 5 major facts  should not be taken granted when deciding on a long distance relationship.

Emotional Distance

You know what they say about “Out of mind, out of sight”? Well…sometimes it can be quite like that with long distance relationships.

When you’re not seeing a person on a constant basis, it’s normal to start to lose some feelings for them. This is because there is something that being physically distant to someone does to a person.

 Being physically distant from your partner over a long period of time can  put a lot of bad weight on the relationship and you might even find yourself going days without talking to them or missing them.

The same can also be said for your partner. Your partner can also start to lose his emotional connection with you.



Cheating is on a very high mark with long distance relationship. It’s very natural to crave physical intimacy in a relationship and it can be extremely frustrating when you’re unable to get it because your partner is in a completely different country or place.

The chances of you slipping up and getting involved intimately with someone else different from your partner are greatly increased.

Even if you do not physically cheat on your partner, you can also cheat on them emotionally when you start to develop feelings against your will for someone else.

You cannot control your feelings for people and so you can have feelings for someone else even if you try your hardest to control it especially if they are always around you and giving you the closeness that you’re missing from your partner.


There is no other way to put this except to say that when you’re in a long distance relationship you will have many lonely days.

You can’t outrun it. It does not matter how many videos calls or messages are exchanged between you and your partner, there are nights when you sleep on your bed and you will feel the coldness of the other side of the bed.

You’re going to be missing your partner a lot of the time and you might even experience mood swings at different periods of the day because of this.

Worse still you might find yourself unable to share your thoughts with him and so it makes you even feel more alone.

Opposition From People

Long distance relationship

If you are in a long distance relationship, then, be prepared to experience opposition from close people because it will happen.

Sooner or later,  Some people might call you stupid for believing or waiting in your relationship. A lot of people would give you their unsolicited opinions.

You will be used to a lot of comments and people telling you that you are wasting your time on a long distance relationship. If you’re not emotionally strong, all those words can get to you and can  eventually translate in your relationship.


You will experience anxious moments while in a long distance relationship. If you are a person already dealing with anxiety, then it  will only get worse. You will be constantly worried about what he’s doing because you’re not there with him.

You will overthink every word, and wonder if they are  finding someone else other than you attractive.

You will want to know why they didn’t return your call or reply your messages on time and when you have issues with them you will feel even worse than ever.

This is because you do not get the option of showing up at their place to see them.

While all of these facts may seem a bit harsh they are all real and true and need to be heard.

However, this does not in any way mean that you cannot have beautiful long lasting long distance relationships. There are so many people who got married after being in long distance relationships and so many who are still thriving in their long distance relationship.

It is definitely not for the faint hearted for sure but if you do manage to make it through your long distance relationship, your relationship will be a lot stronger and smoother moving forward.

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