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3 Reasons Love Bombing Is Dangerous



There are so many beautiful ways to fall in love with someone.

Right? You can meet love of your life at your workplace, or on a dating app.

But being loved bombed is definitely not one of the ways to fall in love with someone. Love should be a natural and effortless process. Nobody should make you feel like you need to love them because they are showing you with so much attention.

Let’s explore why love bombing is actually a very dangerous game


One of the reasons love bombing is very dangerous is that you can easily become addicted to your loved one back.


Imagine someone is giving you love and attention every single day. It’s very easy for you to get addicted to that feeling because it is a priceless emotion to feel loved,  wanted and cared for. So it’s very easy to become addicted to that feeling. They also do this thing where they alienate you from other people and make you the center in their world.

In your mind, it’s an impossibility to think of your life without them and you can very easily become addicted to them. Addiction is a very, very dangerous thing.

This is because once you get addicted to someone, no matter how shitty they treat you it will be very difficult to break out of that relationship.


Love bombing can make you feel extremely pressured to reciprocate the same love.

We live in a give and take world.


If someone is giving you something, the next thing they want to do is to take or at least that’s the way it is for most people.

Why your love bomber is giving you all this love and attention best believe that they’re expecting the same thing from you and it does no matter that you are not built that way.

hey want to be able to get the same reciprocity level that they’re giving to you. And when you’re not able to give it to them. They make you feel guilty for it. And when you feel guilty, you start to feel bad and you start to feel like you’re not enough or you don’t have it in you to love someone the proper way.

So, the pressure, that intense pressure to reciprocate love that is beyond your capacity, is one harmful effects that can come from being in a relationship with a love bomber or dealing with one.


And then last on the list is validation. A very dangerous side effects of love bombing is that you start to feel validated by them.


If they do not give you that validation, it will be hard for you to give it to yourself.

You will also find it hard to truly feel complete. This is because over a long period of time, they’ve consistently fed you with so much attention and so much love. So when they finally withdraw (because they will), you start to feel invalidated and you want that validation from them again.

You want to hear those words and free attention from them again and when they are unable to give it to you, you can begin to feel insecure.

Identify the love bombing signs now and do your best to protect your self from them.

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