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20 Falling Out Of Love Quotes That Perfectly Explain The Feeling



You can love someone to the moon and back and get against all odds, the relationship you have with them can come to an end.

Sometimes people fall out of love and if you keep reading, the 20 falling out of love quotes  I have compiled below will give you some insights on how that feels and why it happens.

Falling out of love is one of the most common feelings that a lot of couples experience in a relationship. There are so many reasons it can happen from  lack of communication to trust issues, and sometimes the couples just simply growing apart.

It does not matter the reason for falling out of love, it can be still leave you feeling disoriented and pained especially when you’re on the receiving end.

Here are 20 falling out of love quotes that capture the complexity of falling out of love:

  1. “Falling out of love is hard, but it’s harder to pretend that you’re still in love.” 
  2. “It’s painful to fall out of love with someone who once meant the world to you.” 
  3. “Falling out of love doesn’t mean that you stop caring, it just means that you have to accept that things have changed.” 
  4. “It’s easier to fall out of love than to stay in a loveless relationship.” 
  5. “Falling out of love can be liberating, but it can also be heartbreaking.” 
  6. “Sometimes falling out of love is the best thing that can happen to you.” 
  7. “Falling out of love is like losing a part of yourself that you never thought you could live without.” 
  8. “Falling out of love can feel like the end of the world, but it’s really just the beginning of a new chapter in your life.” 
  9. “Falling out of love is not a failure, it’s a natural part of the growth process in relationships.” 
  10. “Falling out of love is like losing your favorite song, you can’t help but miss it, but eventually, you’ll find a new favorite.” 
  11. “Falling out of love is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength to acknowledge when something is no longer working.” 
  12. “Falling out of love is like taking off a mask, it’s scary at first, but eventually, you feel free.” 
  13. “Falling out of love can be a painful process, but it’s better to let go than to hold on to something that is no longer there.” 
  14. “Falling out of love is not the end, it’s the beginning of a new journey.” 
  15. “Falling out of love is like losing a part of yourself, but it’s also an opportunity to rediscover who you are.” 
  16. “Falling out of love is a painful reminder that love is not always forever, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.” 
  17. “Falling out of love is like losing a battle but you can always rise again.” 
  18. “Falling out of love can be a blessing in disguise. it’s a chance to start over and find true happiness.” 
  19. “Falling out of love is a natural part of life, its how we handle it that defines us.” 
  20. “Falling out of love is not a tragedy, it’s an opportunity to create a new story.”

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