10 Things You Should Know About Getting Divorced

things you should know about getting divorced

things you should know about getting divorced

Divorce is such an emotional event that it’s hard to be aware of every little detail you need to know. Getting divorced is never easy for any of the parties involved. It’s downright challenging and complicated.  Before you embark on this journey you must familiarize yourself with the divorce process so that you can ensure a smooth transition and move on to the next stage in your life.                                                                   Here, Lovelife here presents 10  lesser-known quirks potential divorcees should be aware of.

  1. Filing for a Divorce is a Life-Changing Decision.  A heated argument or emotional confusion should is not enough to guide your decision to get divorced. It’s wise to take the time to consider what you’re doing and to decide if the marriage can be saved. Although you can always withdraw a Petition for Dissolution after it’s filed, starting the divorce process may bring consequences that you can’t reverse.
  2. Be Honest and Transparent.  Now is not the time to lie or be prevaricate, however tempting it may be. Lying about certain things like money, assets, or even debts could cause very negative consequences. You must provide truthful testimony. Be honest about what you have. Rather than focusing on the little things, use your energy to focus on what matters—the more significant concerns like your home, your will, and your children.
  3. Divorce is a Legal Proceeding and Must Be Taken Seriously. When you file for a divorce you are placing your marriage and your future in the hands of a judge who may make decisions and will enter orders you must follow. Your future, and your children’s future, are at stake, so your ardent involvement is very vital.
  4. Focus on Your Children. Focus on how best you can reduce the impact of divorce on your children. Do not forget that kids get caught in the middle once you have filed for divorce. Do not involve the children in the battle or ask them to take sides. It is not fair and will create emotional problems for them. Make a Plan for how you expect to divide the parenting time with the other parent.
  5. Keep your divorce off social media!  The main thing here is to avoid using social media to vent about your divorce online. Avoid this not only because you’ll likely regret your actions later, but because this could be used as evidence against you. Social media posts can have a major impact on the outcome of child custody proceedings. It’s also best to keep the news to yourselves until the process is done to protect your mental health.
  6. Forget about the past, prepare for the future.  
  7. Obtain the best legal advice you can get. This is not the time to cut corners or use mediocre advice. Research whether your attorney has the skills and reputation to assist you in the divorce. It is critical to have the best representation during this very tough time in your life.
  8. Surround yourself with family and friends who will support you. 
  9. If your partner was abusive, have a safety plan. In a case where there’s a history of domestic abuse or security threats, organize ways to make you more secure especially during the divorce process. Make plans and arrange for safe houses along the way.
  10. Go into divorce with realistic expectations. If you want to get your divorce case resolved quickly then you cannot make unreasonable demands in court or at any point during the process.

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