Why your man’s side chick is not your problem

Why your man’s side chick is not your problem

Why your man’s side chick is not your problem

You find out by some luck that your man has a side chick. Finally, there’s an explanation for the suspicious phone calls and text messages, the late nights and cancelled dates. Your instinct already could tell that there’s another woman but now you have confirmed it. What do you do next, sort it out with your man or find the woman and warn her to leave your man? Or maybe even both. Is the woman who directs their rage at the side chick justified or just messed up?

As sad at it is to admit, cheating is not new and every person has a tendency to cheat. Cheating has occurred so many times that it is no longer shocking to hear about it. Infidelity hurts so deeply, it leaves one sad and shattered. You feel betrayed and sometimes doubt your self-worth. It hurts even more when you know the woman your man is cheating on you with. You will likely feel tempted to confront that person and teach her a very good lesson.

But your problem is not with the other woman, it’s with your man. Instead of going after your her, discuss about your man’s infidelity with him and how it affects you. If he is not willing to change and turn a new leaf, then you should be thinking of taking a decision for your own sake.

Sometimes, the side chick is not even aware that she’s one and believes she’s the only woman in his life (just like you did). Why would you want to fight a sister over a man who is obviously a liar and a cheat? Apart from this, going after the woman in your rage could cause you to commit a crime that you will have to go to jail for.

When you find out

When you find your man cheating, thinking about this- who should win? It’s not a fight for his heart, but rather a fight for your happiness and self-worth. The one who promised to be faithful to you and broke that promise is your partner and so he’s the one you have scores to settle with and not the other woman. So if you must fight, fight him for deceiving you.

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