looking for a spouse a single lady

Looking for a Spouse… My Conversation with a Single Lady

looking for a spouse a single lady

We were just having a sip and I started to tease her about relationship and marriage. If you know me well, you will know I do that pretty often to my closest allies. She started to give details on why she cannot be with Mr A, Mr B and Mr C even though she was looking for a spouse.


I questioned further and realized that two of these Misters are actually ‘husband material’ who would love and cherish her but they were either too short, too tall, too dark, unattractive in the sweep-me-off-my-feet kind of way or didn’t have white teeth, no car, the age and many other societal induced criteria.


In my quest to persuade her to look beyond the temporary, I made another discovery. She would have gone for one of the choices but she needed a bragging right. A man with all the features such that without opening her mouth she could be bragging about him.


Amazing discovery! The truth was that she never knew that the issue was that she was merely looking for someone everyone would praise her for instead of someone who will make her happy and help her build her dreams.


She’s just like the rest of us. We make life changing decisions without considering ourselves first. We consider what our friends would say, what the media says about it and we eventually make the wrong decision – a decision that costs us our happiness in the long run.


I say to you again woman, be unapologetically happy. You are not here to be appraised by the world. The world should use your happiness as the standard for living. Get on with your life!

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